Compliance and Security at Bizintellis Inc.

Welcome to Bizintellis Inc., where we prioritize the security and compliance of our software development processes and infrastructure. We understand the importance of protecting your data and ensuring the highest standards for every project we undertake.

Our Compliance Standards: GDPR and CCPA

We adhere strictly to the GDPR, ensuring robust data protection, especially for projects involving data from EU citizens.
  • For more comprehensive information on how Bizintellis Inc. adheres to GDPR regulations, please visit our detailed GDPR policy page:
  • Should you have any specific questions or requests related to GDPR compliance, feel free to reach out to us at

Under CCPA, we safeguard consumer rights and data privacy for our clients in California.
  • For further details on Bizintellis Inc.’s interaction with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), please refer to our dedicated CCPA policy page:
  • For any particular questions related to CCPA, please contact us directly at

Our Approach to Client-Specific Security

  • Tailored Compliance Solutions: We offer services that are compliant with ISO standards and SOC2, tailored to the specific needs of your project.
  • Dedicated Infrastructure: We maintain distinct infrastructures for data-critical and non-data-critical projects, ensuring customized security measures.
  • Project-Specific Compliance: Depending on your project’s requirements, we provide compliant servers and security measures that align with the necessary standards.

Our Security Measures

  • Identity and Access Management: Utilizing Active Directory and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure secure access control.
  • Network Security: Customizing security with NSGs, Firewalls, and secure connectivity options.
  • Data Protection: Implementing encryption for data at rest and in transit, with regular updates and patch management.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Employing Security Center, Sentinel for ongoing security monitoring and threat detection.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Offering Backup services and Site Recovery for comprehensive data protection.
  • Endpoint Protection: Ensuring robust defense with anti-malware solutions and configured firewalls.

Your Security, Our Priority

At Bizintellis Inc., your security is our priority. We are committed to delivering services that meet the highest compliance and security standards. Partner with us for a service experience that respects your data privacy and security needs at every step.

Get in Touch

For more information on how we can tailor our services to your specific compliance and security requirements, drop us an email at

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