At BizIntellis, we transform the collection of your raw data (external + internal) into usable and actionable business intelligence to help identify, develop and create operational and strategic business opportunities. We create custom executive dashboard tools for your business analytic needs, including cohort analysis, behavioral analytics, contextual data modeling, financial services analytics, fraud analytics, and more.

Our content rich dashboards are created with easy functionality and customized to blend with your company’s color/style/brand. This valuable resource provides ongoing business intelligence to allow you to make important strategic decisions within your business structure.

Why Us


BizIntellis offers a fully integrated web-based research application without exports between stages, which dramatically reduces time scales and enhances efficiency in the research process. You can reduce, if not eliminate, data processing involvement in the e-research process.

BizIntellis not only offers high-speed data collection and dynamic report publishing, but also is a pioneer in real time status reports of ongoing projects. You will be able to create preliminary reports while the data is still being collected and analyzed, and automatically produce static web pages and PowerPoint presentations based on the specified reports and cross-tabulations. Other features include multi-lingual reporting, online coding for verbatim text, frequencies, cross-tabulations, trend analysis (time-series), graphs, filtering, indexing, averaging, weighting, and automatic merging of respondent data and response data. We have an unlimited range of data export capabilities. BizIntellis can handle all of your sample needs, or we can work with sample you provide.


BizIntellis offers extreme data accuracy by dynamically pulling the data directly from the SQL database, eliminating transposition errors in data transfer.


BizIntellis's open source programming offers survey complexity to any level, and we can more readily make changes to surveys. If the web can accept it, we can program it. This encompasses the usage of all types of web graphics including video streaming technology, which allows users to begin viewing digital video without waiting for the entire video file to download.


By collecting the data in MS-SQL, BizIntellis can offer an unlimited variety of data outputs. You dream up the report, and we can create it. We also have the ability to automate data output and transfer directly to applications such as PowerPoint. BizIntellis offers real-time reporting; understanding that access to your data at any time can be crucial.


BizIntellis's survey programmers have Market Research experience in addition to their programming expertise, and they offer proactive feedback. We won't program a survey without first approving the survey quality. The compatibility of the technologies we use provides further guarantee against survey crashes and downtime, and you won't spend hours, or days, trying to get support from a software vendor.


Your surveys can be easily branded with your company logo, colors, background scheme, etc.


BizIntellis's hosting environment offers scalability to any level and presents no limits on concurrent respondents. Server redundancy guarantees against survey down-time.


  • Provide interactive cross tabs
  • Pop-up interviews from your company website or your client's website
  • CLTs (Central Location Tests)
  • Targeted interviews (password protected)
  • Email invitations and reminders
  • Geographical and language transparency, including double-byte character sets