Our Tools

Our Tools

BizIntellis uses the best marketing research data collection technology, specialists, business intelligence methods and specialized analytical methods. Our Market Research Tools compliment our rigorous marketing research methods, data and analytical capabilities. All surveys can be programmed using any of the following tools which helps make each survey more interactive and respondent friendly.


BIXTrack™ dramatically improves the process of traditional focus group video testing. BIXTrack™ enables larger feedback from larger targeted audiences,... significantly reducing travel and logistical costs. BIXTrack™ increases accuracy of results with animated line graphs overlay, showing average frame-by-frame responses.



BIZPro™ offers a powerful online reporting solution. Easily create insightful online reports: datamining, Cross tabulation, Stat testing, Segmentation, Customization and Mystery data. Visually analyze your business information. Synchronize your data easily from Confirmit, Dimensions, Quantum, Quanvert, spreadsheets, and hosted/traditional applications.


How do you get surveys to those respondents who may be in a remote area with no internet or only have intermittent internet access? We offer a solution with our BizCAPI™ surveys which allow you to publish an offline survey link that, through the utilization of HTML5, lets you collect survey data without an internet connection!


Authent provides confidence in respondent authenticity, validating the respondent’s location,and ensuring duplicate responses are prohibited. In a nutshell, Authent is a proprietary technology which gathers a large number of data points from a respondent's computer/tablet/smartphone, such as operating system version, browser version, plug-in, location, etc. Authent then processes the collected data through various custom algorithms to construct a distinctive digital fingerprint for each device.


Increase the effectiveness of your national, regional and local media spend by using this tool to assess the quality of your advertisements in terms of its overall appeal, its capability to convey the message and its acceptability prior to screening it. Video surveys allow you to show the complete ad in an online survey to the respondents. We can repeat the ad for specified number of times based on your needs. This is also helpful in assessing the quality of documentaries with a social message.



The Virtual Retail and Merchandizing Display helps in testing the effectiveness of your brand awareness and product placement from your target customers and operators. It can be displayed for a pre-defined time period and then removed. By providing multiple shelf and display options you can gauge the product location and placement for your retail displays.


Card Sort helps in evaluating logos, packages, punch lines and a lot more in terms of classifying items (pictures/words) into Most Acceptable & Least Acceptable items, instead of taking the respondent through a long list of ranking questions/grids. This makes the experience more interactive, fun and easy for the respondent.



The Concept Clicker helps in highlighting words or phrases in a text appealing to the respondent. It is a better method to be used to track words or phrases instead of using the standard text box entries where the respondent might enter invalid information. This also reduces the time needed for coding.


A tool which can be used in any industry to analyze ad recall, article recall and competitive ad assessment. The page flip is used by the respondent as a virtual magazine where they can flip through all the pages and read it as well.



his tool enables the respondents to pick any specific magazine from the virtual news stand and flip through the pages. It can be widely used in the media industry to track ad or editorial recall.



Wordle is a toy for generating "word clouds" from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.