Service Details

Wifi- Analytics

BizIntellis’s use of a combination of smart phones and WiFi access points offer business owners critical information that can help them understand customers better and offer better and personalized services.

Business owners can also benefit from this by understanding the effectiveness of their product placements and flow better.

Here are some details of how businesses can benefit from the analysis based on WiFi data aggregation:

  • Number of customers walking into the store/shop/ organization every day
  • Time a typical customer takes from the walk in to walk out
  • Time an average customer is spending in one section vs another (to derive product placement and floor plan optimization)
  • While in store, what are the top competitive sites that are being visited by customers?

  • Following are the advantages of our WiFi solution:

  • Flexible pricing models compared to larger established analytics providers
  • Pay only for what you need - our dashboard can be customized to only do what you want to see - you don't pay features you don't need
  • Customizable - all widgets are completely customizable and you can drill down to any degree you want