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BizIntellis offer enterprise leaders an unprecedented number of opportunities to modernize and consolidate their infrastructure. IT plays a critical role in this digital transformation, which starts with a reexamination of traditional network, security, data center, mobility, and collaboration infrastructures and practices to ensure they can support new applications to come.

Only with this foundation in place can organizations tap new capabilities enabled by hyper convergence, virtualization and cloud. Leveraging these new digital technologies, organizations can create better customer experiences, fresh revenue streams and competitive advantage.

We facilitate collaborative, cross-trained teams where personnel have an understanding of the entire infrastructure operation and design – not just isolated support. We will help streamline your IT infrastructure by optimizing existing environments and saving costs.

Our specialties include:

  • Web infrastructure management
  • Backup and recovery implementation
  • Capacity planning
  • Configuration and change management
  • Asset and server management
  • Active directory expertise