Privacy Policies

BizIntellis, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of all information we collect from our clients and from research participants. This policy applies to all client and personal information we collect and/or use in the course of conducting our business. This policy covers all client information and research participant data housed on all BizIntellis, Inc.servers. Everyone who has access to such information or data must follow this policy.

Client Information

We treat all information we receive from clients as confidential and do not use the information for any purpose other than to fulfill our obligations to them. We keep client information secure at all times, and prevent the misuse and unauthorized disclosure of it by our employees or any third parties.

Research Participants

All responses to our research are completely confidential. We collect data in our studies through sample providers for research purposes only, and our use of that information will be limited to that purpose. Research participant answers will not be used by any entity as an aid for sales.We do not rent, sell or give personal information to any third party for the purpose of direct marketing of any products or services. We do not contact children under 18 years of age without consent from a parent or guardian.

Data Security& Integrity

We maintain all necessary physical, electronic and procedural security measures to help safeguard client data and personal information. All third party support and/or services maintenance who have access to client data and/or personal information are required to maintain the same security measures as BizIntellis, Inc. with respect to such information.

Changes in Privacy Policies

We may update our Privacy Policies by posting an amended version on our website. Please refer to this policy regularly.

Legal Obligations

Under certain circumstances required by law, we may be required to disclose client data or personal information without giving notice.